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Our Amara Bliss Stacking Bangle shimmers with recycled silver and sustainably sourced green onyx, the gemstone of love and compassion. Stack this handmade stacking bangle to balance the heart chakra and promote spiritual growth. A small batch piece made ethically in India.


Sterling Silver and Faceted Green Onyx, Handmade, Sizes: Small/Medium - diameter 6.4cm


Green onyx balances energies, aligns auras, and connects with the heart chakra to promote spiritual growth. It brings harmony to the mind and body, aids physical and spiritual healing, and enhances concentration to help you make better choices. This vibrant and colourful gemstone is the May birthstone, making green onyx jewellery the perfect birthday gift.

Charlotte's Web Amara Bliss Stacking Bangle

SKU: 88844

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