What happens when a relationship moves from connection to disconnection? Is it possible to reignite love, and do you want to?

Reset is an emotionally engaging parable sharing the everyday exchanges between Rachel and John, a couple stressed and frustrated, and aware of a deepening loneliness in each other's company. It provides a rare opportunity to hear their alternate perspectives of the same events as they begin their battle to get back to each other.

Woven from over ten years of working with hundreds of couples, Neil Wilkie uses this powerful story to share The Relationship Paradigm, his transformational approach to working with couples who have drifted apart.

Neil Wilkie is a relationship expert, qualified psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist. He believes one of the greatest gifts anyone can have is a loving, fulfilling and mutually supportive relationship with another person.

Reset is the first in the series of The Relationship Paradigm books which present his extraordinary model for relationships.

Reset Book by Neil Wilkie

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