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From a small home office, the car, a modest bathroom, or a mini bedroom, the Wellbeing Pod Mini has been created to work in those SMALL SPACES where you need a wellbeing boost.


There’s no need for water. You diffuse directly from the bottle of the essential oil blend.

USB charging and battery-powered so you can take it with you, wherever your wellbeing needs a boost! Including your car, pop it in your drinks holder for wellbeing on the commute.

Three settings let you dial up the intensity and deliver just the right amount of fragrance in minutes.
It is super easy to switch up your vibe by screwing in your choice of NEOM Essential Oil Blend. And with no need to clean in between!

As the Wellbeing Pod Mini uses cold fusion technology to convert the essential oil into a micro fine vapour, it makes a subtle motor noise in short bursts when releasing the 100% natural fragrance into your small space.  


The diffuser can be used for 50 hours once charged. 

Wellbeing Pod Mini Black- Essential Oil Diffuser

SKU: 79823

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