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Positive Affirmation Cards with 52 mood-boosting affirmations will help you create a more positive mindset every week of the year! 

This colourful and high-quality, glossy deck of cards with life-affirming phrases will help you build confidence, work on your resilience and also form a better connection with your inner self. 


Positive affirmations are a big part of The Positive Planner and The Positive Wellness Journal. The books prompt you to think of affirmations each morning and how to find just the right one for us is a question that’s often asked in our private Positive Planner Facebook Group. We also struggle with this at times and so we wanted to create something to support and inspire you. We really hope our Positive Affirmation Cards will help you choose the right affirmation for you.

The Positive Affirmation Cards

SKU: 83595

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